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Softeca runs at the pace of the current times. Apps have become the swiftest way to place your business in the life of many users. And here we are to help sales force in their daily tasks, to make tourists happier with their holidays times, to manage end user appointments with shops and service centers, and a lot more.

Softeca develops for you state of the art solutions which run in the main technological mobility platforms (....)

Experience high-end Softeca engineering for your business mobile needs. In Softeca quality is not only controls and testing; it is a way of creating robustly engineered systems.


your pharmacy´s app

Pharapp Pharapp Pharapp Pharapp

Pharapp is an APP that puts you close to your pharmacy. A private messaging system makes simpler for you to stick to your treatment. This system notifies you just in time about the treatment and the dose.

Furthermore, if you are worried about forgetting your medication, PharApp is the solution. Its alert system sends notifications to your device with the medicine and dose whenever you have to use it.

Have Pharapp and forget absentmindedness!

Extraclick Extraclick Extraclick Extraclick

Extraclik is the ultimate leisure guide. Through your mobile device get many charmful places to go. Have a very pleasant time and enjoy shopping at any type of stores.

Extraclik is now here. Never before has been so easy to transform a journey into a holiday experience.

Tomas Bodero
Tomas Bodero

Tomas Bodero is a prominent glove productor. Their APP, developed by Softeca, puts their catalog at your sight. Never before was so easy to search the gloves you need. All product updated in real time. You can explore them with huge usability. 360 degrees views. You can't miss anything important to find quickly what you want.

Search the catalog. Make your choice. Order them through the APP. They will not slip out from your hands.

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